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Tourism in Saudi Arabia

The entire Saudi Arabia is encircled with the mountains, valleys and red sea beaches along with the turquoise water are world famed. There are so many diving spot in Saudi Arabia that attracts every visitor. Nabatean is an excellent place to have a trip at least once in their life time. But this place is hard to reach which exist at the distance of four hour from the place of Medina, the nearest city encircle the airport in it.   

Every one knows this Kingdom is nearly dependent on oil business. The tourism in Saudi Arabia is under the control of Tourism & Antiquities in year of 2000. The Bahrain Bridge is the famous bridge all around the world. The religious pilgrimage is basic tourist place in Saudi Arabia. Not less than three millions of pilgrims visiting Mecca, every year, in the month of Hajj. In the time of Ramadan in Umrah nearly two million devotees visit this place. The Hajj is named under the list “five pillars of Islam.”  

Scheduled below are some of the top ten tourist spots located in the region of Saudi Arabia:

  • Al Masjid al Nabawi
  • Al-Ula
  • Dumat al Jundal
  • Jabal al-Lawz
  • Jamarat Bridge
  • Jannat al-Baqi
  • The Jawatha Mosque
  • Masjid al-Qiblatain
  • Medain Saleh
  • MountUhud
  • Quba Mosque
  • Rock Carving Site
  • Tayma
Some of the world famed museums are placed in the surroundings of Saudi Arabia and some of the best museums are mentioned below:

  • The National Heritage and History Museum in Riyadh
  • Museum of Buraidah
  • Dammam Historical Museum
  • Dammam Public Library
  • Dhahran Exhibition Centre Folk Village
  • National MuseumDammam National Museum

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